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  • PPSH Model for ThompsonDatum29.07.2018 01:17
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Downloads

    New Model for Thompson = PPSH
    Unzip the rar and put it in your main folder.

  • SNIPERPLEXDatum22.07.2018 00:17
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Downloads

    This is the map we running now on Beach.

  • WolfBot 1.5Datum06.07.2018 22:52
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Downloads

    WolfBot for RtCW.

  • Wolf Weapon picturesDatum29.06.2018 17:11
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Downloads

    Weapon Pictures from the Game.

  • Wallpaper from the Good old GameDatum27.06.2018 18:40
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Downloads


  • Gundam HelmDatum27.06.2018 18:10
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Downloads


  • Omni-BotDatum13.05.2018 14:21
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Wolf City...


    What is a bot ?
    Anyone that has played FPS(First Person Shooter) games is probably familiar with bots.

    Bots are computer controlled opponents, typically designed to play a game in a similar manner as what you might encounter when playing online multiplayer with other players. Although it is very difficult to get bots to actually play like a human would, most bot authors invest considerable time giving the bots the ability to competently play the game, and be a fun opponent.

    Bots normally reside on the game server, meaning it is the game server that actually runs the bots, processes their navigation and AI, and ultimately controls the overall actions of the bots. Client side bots are commonly considered cheats, because they too are computer controlled and are often capable of giving individual clients unfair advantages. Aimbots could be considered a form of client side bot.

    What are they bots for ?
    Sometimes, for some people, playing against a bot can be more fun than playing a human. Humans are commonly idiots in multi-player games. They may cheat, complain, camp vehicles/spawns, teamkill, or generally do other things that ruin the enjoyment of other players. A well coded bot will play the game as designed. They don't complain. They don't cheat.
    They can be good practice. Playing against some bots, or even a hoard of bots, can be a good way to practice your death-matching skills, dodging, avoidance, sniping, etc.
    Bots are a good way for a server administrator to attract real players to their server. In a server browser, there are often many hundreds of servers listed. Few people will choose to join an empty server, so bots are often a good way to keep some gameplay going on a server even when no humans are around. Most bots have options that allow bots to be removed from the game as human players join, eventually resulting in a game of all or mostly humans.
    Playtesting maps. As a mapper building a map, it is often a good idea to playtest it. Sometimes it can be difficult to get enough humans together to properly test a map. If the mapper so desires, they can build bot navigation for their map as they develop it and test it with a full game of bots, or humans and bots, to test the balance, fun, and overall flow of the map. Foxbot for TFC was often used in this way.
    Do bots cheat ?
    The answer to this varies from bot to bot. To be perfectly honest, technically some of the way bots have to be coded might be considered cheating by some, however most bot authors go through great lengths to reduce cheating to a level where the fun is not ruined.

    Some examples of things that might be considered cheating

    Bots 'see' by doing collision tests with lines or volumes. This means that in order to determine if a bot can 'see' another player, a ray is shot from the bots eye to the target. If this ray doesn't collide with anything, such as walls, other players, props, etc, we would consider the object in the bots view. If the ray does hit something we consider the view blocked.
    This concept is both a strength and a weakness of bot AI.

    The strength, and the potential for cheat accusations to come about, are often due to the reliance on collision to determine view. For example, many games have foliage in their outdoor maps. Grass, bushes, trees, etc. Often these sort of things do not have any kind of collision on them, so they don't obstruct the view of a bot at all. To counter this, some games go through extra efforts to simulate obstruction through foliage. Many bots don't make such compensations, so in maps that contain objects that to humans might be considered cover because they block your view with transparent, often the bot is able to see right through them. This also comes into play with game elements such as flashbangs, smoke grenades, tear gas, or other things that might be based around altering the rendering of a human players screen. These sort of effects are often faked with bots, in one way or another.

    A weakness of this method, is that it gives the bot a very very rough view of the environment. At the simplest level, a bot might cast a single ray from his eye to the enemy eye or enemy position to see if it can 'see' them. If the ray hits something, he can't see it, if it doesn't hit anything, he can see it. The problem with relying on a single raycast to make this determination, is that in reality that one spot on the target might be obstructed, while the rest of the target might be viewable. Due to this, sometimes bot authors do several raycasts at different positions on the target, to account for the possibility of partially obstructed targets. This results in a better view system, at the expense of requiring more processing. In extreme cases, a bot might cast a ray to every body part or bone on the target. This would give excellent resolution to the bot, but at a very high increase in cpu cost. Ultimately it depends on how accurate the bot author wants them to be. Most games typically don't notice slight inaccuracies in the resolution of the bots view system, while a slower paced tactical game might benefit more from it.

    Also under the category of cheating, it is true that as a server side mod, the bot author technically has full access to where everything and everyone is in the game. It is fully within the capabilities of the bot coder to make the bots fully aware of everyone and everything. As a matter of fact, that would be the easiest way to make a bot. Fortunately, most bot authors don't like their bot to cheat that badly, which is why a bots knowledge of the world is heavily filtered, usually by parameters that mimic the view capabilities of a human player as close as possible, like the field of view, view distance, and whether the view is obstructed, usually by doing ray cast collision checks.

    Finally, the subject most often accused of cheating is a bots aiming. It is very easy to make a bot shoot exactly on target every time. Some bots have implemented aiming systems that have resulted in an almost superhuman accuracy. These bots are rarely fun to play, and most bot coders also put alot of effort into a more human-like aiming system, with properties such as a max turn rate, and adding acceleration/deceleration to aiming, both for smoothness and for less robotic behavior.

    In the end, bot AI, and game AI for that matter almost always cheats to some degree. It isn't feasible, both in time and processing power, to make an AI work exactly like a human. The key to good AI is limiting the cheating of the bot to an acceptable level. Some cheating is inevitable, but a good bot will not make it obvious that they are cheating. It's all about having fun, and sometimes the code has to be written to work around the fact that bots don't see a rendered world at all like players, and sometimes have very limited or non existent hearing capabilities too. Ultimately it doesn't matter, as long as the gaming experience is fun.

  • Wolf CityDatum24.04.2018 12:31
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Wolf City...

    Its an Objective Mode Server.
    Running Single Player Maps.
    Is in a beta test phase with omni-bot.
    So dont worry if its not perfect for now we are on it.

  • WebfoundDatum23.02.2018 17:34
    Thema von medicine man im Forum BEACH IP:
  • CrosshairDatum23.02.2018 16:41
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Downloads

    This pk3' has some colored crosshairs.
    Unzip and put it in your main directory (rtcw).


    Source unknown webfound

  • Single Player MapsDatum02.01.2018 18:55
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Single Player Maps Area

    Unzip the rar files on your desktop.
    Folder Maps comes in the mod directory.
    Modfile you can grab here //

    Maybe later blahblah..

    maybe never


    ->next Map tram

    Map Assault

    On Map Assault fixed Spawnpoints for both Teams.

  • Map WorkDatum28.12.2017 17:10
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Single Player Maps Area


  • ProgrammingDatum16.12.2017 22:41
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Mod's and Maps

    Place this in g_cmds.c
    *@ Cmd_currentTime_f

    Quelle Source :
    extern int trap_RealTime ( qtime_t * qtime );
    const char *aMonths[12] = {
    "Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun",
    "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec"
    void Cmd_CurrentTime_f( gentity_t *ent ) {
    qtime_t ct;

    trap_SendServerCommand(-1, va("chat "%s^7: The current time is: ^3%02d:%02d:%02d (^7%02d %s %d^3) n"",
    ent->client->pers.netname ,
    1900+ct.tm_year ) );
    Place this in g_local.h under g_cmds.c
    void Cmd_CurrentTime_f( gentity_t *ent );

    Place this in g_cmds.c void ClientCommand( int clientNum )
    if (Q_stricmp (cmd, "time") == 0)
    Cmd_CurrentTime_f (ent);

    You need for windows the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 or higher.

  • Server Configuration by Mod Cvar'sDatum13.12.2017 18:25
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Admin Talk

    Adminbot Commands

    AB_Enable Value "1" Enabeld the Serverside AB "0" Disabeld AB
    AB_AllowNameSpam Value "1" Disabeld Enabeld "0" kicks players who change their name very quickly in an attempt to
    overflow (crash) the server.
    AB_CheatsOk 1 1 0 to 1 Value of 0 kicks players if they attempt to use single player cheat commands.
    AB_MinHits 50 0 0 to ? Number of hits (team and enemy) before AB_MinHitsPercent is checked
    AB_MinHitsPercent 40 0 0 to ? After AB_MinHits is reached, this will kick players with a percent of team
    shots greater or equal to this. 0 disables this feature.
    AB_MinNameChars 3 0 0 to 31 Minimum number of characters (non ASCII) that a player must have). 0 disables this feature.
    AB_MinScore -10 0 -? to 0 Score at which a player will be kicked. 0 to disable.
    AB_Tks 6 0 1 to ? Number of teamkills at which a player will be kicked. 0 to disable.
    AB_MaxTkPoints 200 0 1 to ? Number of 'points' from teamkills with specific weapons at which to kick
    AB_AsPoints 25 0 1 to ? Points given for an airstrike or artillery teamkill. 0 to disable.
    AB_DynamitePoints 20 0 1 to ? Points given for a dynamite teamkill. 0 to disable.
    AB_FlamerPoints 50 0 1 to ? Points given for a flamethrower teamkill. 0 to disable.
    AB_KnifePoints 50 0 1 to ? Points given for a knife teamkill. 0 to disable.
    AB_MauserPoints 50 0 1 to ? Points given for a mauser teamkill. 0 to disable.
    AB_Mg42Points 20 0 1 to ? Points given for a MG42 teamkill. 0 to disable.
    AB_MgPoints 30 0 1 to ? Points given for a MP40/Thompson/Sten teamkill. 0 to disable.
    AB_NadePoints 25 0 1 to ? Points given for a grenade teamkill. 0 to disable.
    AB_PanzerPoints 25 0 1 to ? Points given for a panzerfaust teamkill. 0 to disable.
    AB_PistolPoints 50 0 1 to ? Points given for a Colt/Luger teamkill. 0 to disable.
    AB_SniperPoints 50 0 1 to ? Points given for a sniper rifle teamkill. 0 to disable.
    AB_ThrowKnivesPoints 40 0 1 to ? Points given for a throwing knife teamkill. 0 to disable.
    AB_VenomPoints 30 0 1 to ? Points given for a venom teamkill. 0 to disable.
    S4NDMoD Server Settings
    Command Mod Default RtCW Default Possible Values Description
    g_medpacks 2 0 0 to ? Number of medic packs a medic drops when he is gibbed.
    g_ammopacks 1 0 0 to ? Number of ammo packs a lieutenant drops when he is gibbed.
    g_nadepacks 1 0 0 to ? Number of grenade packs an engineer drops when he is gibbed.

    g_shortcuts 1 0 0 to 1 Enables text shortcuts. 0 Disables this feature.
    g_maxAirstrikes -1 -1 -1 or 3 to ? Limits the number of airstrikes per team that can be thrown in a 1 minute period. -1 Disables this feature.
    g_allowBlackNames 1 0 0 or 1 Allow players to use black(^0) in their names
    g_goomba 1 0 0 to ? Allow players to 'goomba' each other, fall damage must be on
    g_poison 15 0 0 to ? Amount of health poison takes, set to 0 for no poison kills
    g_dropReload 1 1 0 or 1 Allows players to use the drop reload exploit
    g_reviveReports 2 0 0 to 2 Report revives to: 0) off 1) everybody 2) own team only
    g_tapReports 2 0 0 to 2 Report tap outs to: 0) off 1) everybody 2) own team
    g_gibReports 1 0 0 or 1 Turn on/off gib reporting
    g_nameChangeReports 1 1 0 or 1 Print when player changes name "xxxx renamed to xxxxx"
    g_reportHeadshots 0 0 0 or 1 Print 'Headshot!' when player gets a headshot
    g_ltNades 1 1 0 to ? Number of grenades a LT starts with
    g_medNades 1 1 0 to ? Number of grenades a Med starts with
    g_soldNades 4 4 0 to ? Number of grenades a Soldier starts with
    g_engNades 8 8 0 to ? Number of grenades a Eng starts with
    g_privateMsgs 1 0 0 or 1 Turns on/off private messaging
    g_minMsgChars 2 0 0 to ? Amount of letters a pm name must have in it
    g_allowGib 1 0 0 or 1 Allows players to use /gib
    g_allowKill 1 1 0 or 1 Allows players to use /kill
    g_shove 100 0 0 to ? Enables shoving, also acts as the force applied to the player shoved
    g_shoveNoZ 1 0 0 or 1 Enables shoving, also acts as the force applied to the player shoved
    g_kickableNades 1 0 0 or 1 Turn on off kick grenade ability
    g_kickableAS 1 0 0 or 1 Turn on/off kick air strike ability
    g_kickerGetsOwner 0 0 0 or 1 If a player kicks a grenade or air strike, it becomes his grenade.
    g_warmupDamage 1 0 0 or 1 Allow players to kill each other in warmup
    g_unlockWeapons 1 0 0 to 2 if set to 0) off, 1) meds, lts, eng can pick up any smg 2) meds, lts, eng can pick up heavy weapons(panzers, venom, ect)
    g_pickupAmmo 1 0 0 or 1 When enabled players only pickup ammo packs they need
    g_ammoGivesSyringe 1 0 0 or 1 Ammo packs give medics a syringe
    g_ammoGivesHelmet 1 0 0 or 1 Ammo packs give players helmets back
    g_medExtraClips 0 0 0 to ? number of clips Medic has in reserve
    g_ltExtraClips 1 1 0 to ? number of clips LT has in reserve
    g_engExtraClips 1 1 0 to ? number of clips Engineer has in reserve
    g_soldExtraClips 2 2 0 to ? number of clips SMG soilder has in reserve
    g_pistolExtraClips 3 3 0 to ? number of clips pistol has in reserve
    g_venomExtraClips 1 1 0 to ? number of clips venom has in reserve
    g_mauserExtraClips 1 1 0 to ? number of clips Mauser has in reserve
    g_headshotDmg 50 50 0 to ? Ammount of damage for headshots
    g_helmetProtects 0 0 0 or 1 Headshot on helmeted player will do g_helmetDmg if this is on
    g_helmetDmg 5 50 0 to ? Amount of damage headshots do on players with helmets
    g_teamSwitchTime 30 30 0 to ? Ammount of time player must wait to switch back to another team after joing a team
    g_deathmatch 0 0 0 to 2 Turn on deathmatch mode 0) off 1) team dm 2) all vs all dm
    g_maxPf -1 -1 -1 to ? Number of panzers to allow per team, -1) unlimited 0) off
    g_maxFlamer -1 -1 -1 to ? Number of Flamers to allow per team, -1) unlimited 0) off
    g_maxMauser -1 -1 -1 to ? Number of snipers to allow per team, -1) unlimited 0) off
    g_maxVenom -1 -1 -1 to ? Number of venoms to allow per team, -1) unlimited 0) off
    g_alliedmaxlives 0 0 0 to ? Set allied max lives (g_maxlives must be set to 1 for this to work)
    g_axismaxlives 0 0 0 to ? Set axis max lives (g_maxlives must be set to 1 for this to work)
    g_ignorespecs 0 1 0 or 1 Will make it so spectators chat does not show up to players in game.
    g_panzerArc 0 0 0 to 2 Turns on gravity effect on rockets 0) off 1) light gravity 2) heavy gravity
    g_rocketspeed 2500 2500 0 to ? The speed at which panzer rockets move.
    g_ASBlock 1 0 0 or 1 Turn on a message for when a player blocks an air strike.
    g_ASBlockEasy 1 0 0 to 1 Makes blocking air strikes a bit easier.
    g_disallowedVotes n/a List of vote strings you want disabled. Separate each vote with a space.
    g_allowvote 1 1 0 or 1 Enable or disable voting
    g_dropObj 1 0 0 or 1 Allow a player to switch to knife then press dropreload to drop the objective they are carrying.
    g_dropNadepacks 1 0 0 or 1 Allow Engineers to hand out grenade packs using the /np command
    g_throwableKnives 5 0 0 to ? Enables throwing knives, also sets number a player starts with.
    g_ammoGivesKnife 1 0 0 to 1 Ammo packs give 1 knife.
    g_maxKnives 5 0 0 to ? Max number of knives a player can carry.
    g_knifeDamage 15 0 0 to ? Amount of damage a throwing knife does.
    g_wolfKick 1 0 0 or 1 Allow players to use wolf kick from single player with the /wolfkick command.
    g_dropClips 1 0 0 or 1 When a player dies and his weapon is dropped, the weapon dropped keeps its ammo intact for whoever may pick it up.
    g_playDead 1 0 0 or 1 Allows player to fake dead using the /playdead command.
    g_headshotsOnly 0 0 0 or 1 Enables a mode where only headshots do damage.
    g_voteCredits 2 0 0 to ? The number of votes a player is allowed per round.
    g_chooseMg 1 0 0 or 1 Allow players to choose from thompson, mp40 and sten as medic and engineer.
    g_mvsay 1 0 0 or 1 Turn on the extended vsay commands.
    g_dragCorpse 1 0 0 to 1 Allow players to drag dead, ungibbed bodies around.
    g_underwaterMg 0 0 0 to 1 Allow players to fire main weapons under water.
    g_underwaterRevive 0 0 0 to 1 Allow Players to revive underwater.
    g_underwaterPistols 0 0 0 to 1 Allow players to fire pistols underwater.
    g_tournymode 0 0 0 to 1 Enables a very buggy tourny mode.
    g_forceWarmupSpawn 1 0 0 to 1 When a player dies they respawn immediately, after tapping out.
    g_smokeGrenades 1 0 0 to 1 Allows LT class to use the smoke grenade command.
    g_smokeGrenadeLimit 4 0 0 to 1 Limit of smoke grenades an LT gets per life.
    g_homingRockets 0 0 0 to 1 Enables homing rockets(rockets chase enemy players).
    g_homingRocketsSens .9 0 0 to ? This can be used to adjust the sensitivity of the rocket.
    g_panzerOverHeatTime 0 0 0 to ? This can be used to enable an overheat time on panzer(time in ms).
    g_panzerFireRate 2000 0 0 to ? How often you can fire a panzer.
    g_panzerClips 1 0 0 to ? How big the panzer clip is.
    g_panzerCoolDownTime 0 0 0 to ? How long it takes panzer to cool down if overheat time is on(time in ms).
    g_extraPanzerClips 3 0 0 to ? How many rockets a player starts with.
    g_homingrocketdetects 5000 0 0 to ? How far away a homing rocket can detect an enemy player.
    g_mines 1 0 0 to ? Enables engineers to use mines.
    g_smokingPlayers 0 0 0 to 1 All players emit thick black smoke from their body.
    g_goldrush 0 0 0 to 1 Enables a goldrush mode.
    g_goldWeight 0 0 0 to ? How much the gold will slow down a player per piece they are holding.
    g_instaGib 0 0 0 to 1 Enables an instagib mode.
    g_nodrowning 0 0 0 to 1 Disables drowning.
    g_autoShuffle 0 0 0 to 1 Teams will be automatically shuffled every round if this is enabled.
    g_DoHighAcheivers 1 0 0 to 1 Enables high achievers to be displayed during warmup.
    g_LTinfomsg 1000 0 0 to ? How far away an lt looking at another player has to be to get the info message.
    g_allowSpys 0 0 0 to 15 Allows spys to be enabled.
    g_reportSpys 1 0 0 to 1 Show teammates who the spys are with a center print message.
    g_antilag 1 0 0 to 1 Enables antilag for server(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).
    g_antiwarp 1 0 0 to 1 Enabled antiwarp for 'skippy' players(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).
    g_allowhitsounds 1 0 0 to 1 Enables hit sounds.
    g_autoAim 0 0 0 to 1 Enables a server side aimbot for EVERYBODY!
    g_jumpAccel 0 0 0 to 1 Allows players to continuously jump. This can allow players to reach high speeds.
    g_automg42limit 0 0 0 to 1 Number of auto mg42s you are allowed to set out.
    g_allowCV 1 0 0 to 1 Allow players to use CV.(buggy)
    g_packingPistols 1 0 0 to 1 Allow players to carry both type of pistols.
    g_tableStats 1 0 0 to 1 Enables the box score in console at end of round.
    g_S4NDLog 1 0 0 to 1 Enables a S4NDMoD Logfile(mostly for debugging).
    g_allowspeclock 0 0 0 to 1 Allows players to use speclock.
    g_friendlyFireKnockback 1 0 0 to 1 Friendly fire will still do knockback even if friendly fire is off.
    g_spawnTimer 1 0 0 to 1 Enables players to use the /start and /stop command to enable a spawn timer.
    g_showLifeStats 1 0 0 to 1 Enables the stats that appear after a player dies.
    g_maxConnsPerIP 3 0 0 to ? Max number of times an ip may connect to your server(good to prevent bot DOS).
    g_undeadRevives 1 0 0 to 1 Allows medics to use syringe on live players.
    g_fakePing 1 0 0 to 1
    g_mineHealth 150 0 0 to ?
    g_truePing 1 0 0 to 1 Shows a more accurate ping in console.
    g_binocWar 1 0 0 to 1 Allows binocular stats to be printed.
    g_noSameTeamDefuse 1 0 0 to 1 Disables defusing of own teams dynamite(prevent stat whoring).
    g_showHitBoxes 0 0 0 to 1 Shows hitboxes on all players for debugging.
    g_autoTap 0 0 0 to 1 Enables a mode were players that tap out will not go to limbo until a few secs before spawn.
    g_gibPoints 1 0 0 to 1 Award 1 point for a gib
    g_ltExtraAirstrike 1 0 0 to 1 If enabled and an LT has a full charge, a second plane will come for an airstrike
    g_autoTeamBalance 1 0 0 to 1 Balances teams so one side does not have more players than the other
    g_RetakeLimit -1 -1 -1 to ? Limits the number of times a spawn flag can be reclaimed by defenders
    g_SniperMode 0 0 0 to 1 Enables snipers only gameplay mode
    g_autoSniper 0 0 0 to 1 Enables the automatic sniper rifle
    g_ShowHighlights 1 0 0 to 1 Enable kill spree messages.[/list]

    seta g_gametype ""
    seta g_gameskill "3"
    seta g_dmflags "8"
    seta g_fraglimit ""
    seta g_timelimit "" // Timelimit is set in the Maps for Deathmatch turn it off.
    seta g_capturelimit ""
    seta g_friendlyFire "1" // You cant kill teammates "0" you can kill
    seta g_password "" //you want an non public server give a password
    seta g_maxclients ""
    seta g_maxGameClients "1" //starting the game with one Player
    seta g_minGameClients "1" -//-
    seta g_dedicated ""
    seta g_speed "320"
    seta g_gravity "800"
    seta g_cheats "0" //allow single player cheats
    seta g_knockback "1000"
    seta g_quadfactor ""
    seta g_forcerespawn ""
    seta g_inactivity ""
    seta g_debugMove ""
    seta g_debugDamage ""
    seta g_debugAlloc ""
    seta g_debugBullets "" //----(SA) added
    seta g_debugSpawn "" //Martin
    seta g_weaponRespawn ""
    seta g_motd ""
    seta g_syncronousClients ""
    seta g_warmup ""

    seta g_warmupLatch ""
    seta g_nextTimeLimit ""
    seta g_showHeadshotRatio ""
    seta g_userTimeLimit ""
    seta g_userAlliedRespawnTime ""
    seta g_userAxisRespawnTime ""
    seta g_currentRound ""
    seta g_noTeamSwitching ""
    seta g_altStopwatchMode ""
    seta g_gamestate ""
    seta g_swapteams ""

    seta g_restarted ""
    seta g_log ""
    seta g_logSync ""
    seta g_podiumDist ""
    seta g_podiumDrop ""
    seta g_allowVote ""
    seta g_complaintlimit "" // DHM - Nerve
    seta g_maxlives "" // DHM - Nerve
    seta g_voiceChatsAllowed "" // DHM - Nerve

    seta g_needpass ""
    seta g_weaponTeamRespawn ""
    seta g_doWarmup ""
    seta g_teamAutoJoin ""
    seta g_teamForceBalance ""
    seta g_listEntity ""
    seta g_banIPs ""
    seta g_banmsg ""
    seta g_tempbanmsg ""
    seta g_filterBan ""
    seta g_rankings ""
    seta g_enableBreath ""
    seta g_smoothClients ""
    seta pmove_fixed ""
    seta pmove_msec ""
    seta g_autoactivate ""
    seta g_testPain ""
    seta g_missionStats ""
    seta ai_scriptName "" // name of AI script file to run (instead of default for that map)
    seta g_scriptName "" // name of script file to run (instead of default for that map)
    seta g_developer ""
    seta g_userAim ""
    seta g_forceModel ""
    seta g_mg42arc ""
    seta g_footstepAudibleRange ""
    seta g_redlimbotime "" // JPW NERVE multiplayer reinforcement times
    seta g_bluelimbotime ""
    seta g_medicChargeTime "" // charge times for character class special weapons
    seta g_engineerChargeTime ""
    seta g_LTChargeTime ""
    seta g_soldierChargeTime ""
    seta sv_screenshake ""
    seta g_speclock ""
    seta g_checkguid ""
    seta g_ammoPacks ""
    seta g_medPacks ""
    seta g_nadePacks ""
    seta g_allowBlackNames ""
    seta g_banGuids ""
    seta g_goomba ""
    seta g_poison ""
    seta g_dropReload ""
    seta g_reviveReports ""
    seta g_ASBlock ""
    seta g_ASBlockEasy ""
    seta g_disallowedVotes ""
    seta g_lockteams ""
    seta g_dropObj ""
    seta g_dropNadepacks ""
    seta g_throwableKnives ""
    seta g_ammoGivesKnife ""
    seta g_maxKnives ""
    seta g_knifeDamage ""
    seta g_wolfKick ""
    seta g_dropClips ""
    seta g_playDead ""
    seta g_headshotsOnly ""
    seta g_voteCredits ""
    seta g_checkBan ""
    seta g_chooseMg ""
    seta g_mvsay ""
    seta g_dragCorpse ""
    seta g_underwaterMg ""
    seta g_underwaterRevive ""
    seta g_underwaterPistols ""
    seta g_tournymode ""
    seta g_forceWarmupSpawn ""
    seta g_smokeGrenades ""
    seta g_smokeGrenadeLimit ""
    seta g_homingRockets ""
    seta g_homingRocketsSens ""
    seta g_panzerOverHeatTime ""
    seta g_panzerClips ""
    seta g_panzerCoolDownTime ""
    seta g_panzerFireRate ""
    seta g_extraPanzerClips ""
    seta g_DmSpawnPoints ""
    seta g_homingrocketdetects ""
    seta g_test1 ""
    seta g_test2 ""
    seta g_test3 ""
    seta g_mines ""
    seta g_smokingPlayers ""
    seta g_goldrush ""
    seta g_goldWeight ""
    seta g_instaGib ""
    seta g_assassanation ""
    seta g_nodrowning ""
    seta g_privateclients ""
    seta g_autoShuffle ""
    seta g_panzerParty ""
    seta g_checkpureclient ""
    seta g_makeDMspawns ""
    seta g_DoHighAcheivers ""
    seta g_LTinfomsg ""
    seta g_allowSpys ""
    seta g_reportSpys ""
    seta g_antilag ""
    seta g_antilagVersion ""
    seta g_allowhitsounds ""
    seta g_CaptureTheFlag ""
    seta g_autoAim ""
    seta g_jumpAccel ""
    seta g_moonPhysics ""
    seta updatebanlist ""
    seta g_SpamWar ""
    seta g_automg42limit ""
    seta g_allowCV ""
    seta g_dropBinocs ""
    seta g_forceDLpaknames ""
    seta g_forceDLchecksums ""
    seta g_tableStats ""
    seta g_Logfile ""
    seta g_S4NDdebug ""
    seta g_allowspeclock ""
    //For msgs
    seta g_msg1 ""
    seta g_msg2 ""
    seta g_msg3 ""
    seta g_msg4 ""
    seta g_msg5 ""
    seta g_msg6 ""
    seta g_msg7 ""
    seta g_msg8 ""
    seta g_msg9 ""
    seta g_msg10 ""
    seta g_msgs ""
    seta g_msgtime ""
    seta msgNum ""

    seta a1_pass ""
    seta a2_pass ""
    seta a3_pass ""
    seta a4_pass ""
    seta a5_pass ""

    seta a1_cmds ""
    seta a2_cmds ""
    seta a3_cmds ""
    seta a4_cmds ""
    seta a5_cmds ""
    seta a5_allPowers ""

    seta AB_Enable ""
    seta AB_MinScore ""
    seta AB_Tks ""
    seta AB_CheatsOK ""
    seta AB_Test ""
    seta AB_AutoMaps ""
    seta AB_MinNameChars ""
    seta AB_MinHits ""
    seta AB_MinHitsPercent ""
    seta AB_KnifePoints ""
    seta AB_MgPoints ""
    seta AB_MauserPoints ""
    seta AB_Mg42Points ""
    seta AB_ThrowKnivesPoints ""
    seta AB_NadePoints ""
    seta AB_AsPoints ""
    seta AB_FlamerPoints ""
    seta AB_VenomPoints ""
    seta AB_PanzerPoints ""
    seta AB_DynamitePoints ""
    seta AB_PistolPoints ""
    seta AB_SniperPoints ""
    seta AB_MaxTkPoints ""
    seta AB_TempBanTime ""
    seta AB_AllowNameSpam ""

    seta g_RetakeLimit ""
    seta g_SniperMode ""
    seta g_autoSniper ""
    seta g_ShowHighlights ""
    seta g_AutoSpawnTimes ""
    seta g_AutoHeavyWeapons ""
    seta g_autoTeamBalance ""
    seta g_needBalance ""
    seta g_RedDefaultSpawnTime ""
    seta g_BlueDefaultSpawnTime ""
    seta cl_allowdownload ""
    seta r_znear ""
    seta r_vertexlight ""
    seta cl_anonymous ""
    seta r_depthbits ""
    seta cl_timenudge ""
    seta g_ltExtraAirstrike ""
    seta g_gibPoints ""
    seta g_autoTap ""
    seta g_maxAirstrikes ""
    seta g_showHitBoxes ""
    seta g_fixedphysics ""
    seta g_demo ""
    seta g_fastCrouchStamina ""
    seta g_noSameTeamDefuse ""
    seta g_truePing ""
    seta g_anticheat ""
    seta g_shortcuts ""
    seta g_binocWar ""
    seta g_mineHealth ""
    seta Uptime ""
    seta g_fakePing ""
    seta g_friendlyFireKnockback ""
    seta g_spawnTimer ""
    seta g_showLifeStats ""
    seta g_undeadRevives ""
    seta sv_referencedPaks ""
    seta sv_referencedPakNames ""
    seta g_OmniBotPath ""
    seta g_OmniBotFlags ""
    seta g_OmniBotPlaying ""
    seta g_OmniBotGib ""
    seta g_botTeam ""
    seta g_screenShake "" // I could use existing cvar (sv_screenshake) but it caused some problems in past..
    seta g_tapReports ""
    seta g_nameChangeReports ""
    seta g_ltNades ""
    seta g_medNades ""
    seta g_engNades ""
    seta g_soldNades ""
    seta g_privateMsgs ""
    seta g_minMsgChars ""
    seta g_allowGib ""
    seta g_allowKill ""
    seta g_shove ""
    seta g_shoveAmount ""
    seta g_kickableNades ""
    seta g_kickableAS ""
    seta g_gibReports ""
    seta g_warmupDamage ""
    seta g_reportHeadshots ""
    seta g_unlockWeapons ""
    seta g_pickupAmmo ""
    seta g_ammoGivesSyringe ""
    seta g_ammoGivesHelmet ""
    seta g_ammoGivesBinocs ""
    seta g_medExtraClips ""
    seta g_ltExtraClips ""
    seta g_engExtraClips ""
    seta g_soldExtraClips ""
    seta g_venomExtraClips ""
    seta g_mauserExtraClips ""
    seta g_pistolExtraClips ""
    seta g_headshotDmg ""
    seta g_helmetDmg ""
    seta g_helmetProtects ""
    seta g_teamSwitchTime ""
    seta g_connectMsg ""
    seta g_deathmatch ""
    seta g_lateJoinLives ""
    seta g_lateJoinTime ""
    seta g_allowLateJoiners ""
    seta g_shoveNoZ ""
    seta g_maxPf ""
    seta g_maxFlamer ""
    seta g_maxMauser ""
    seta g_maxVenom ""
    seta g_alliedmaxlives ""
    seta g_axismaxlives ""
    seta g_ignoreSpecs ""
    seta g_panzerArc ""
    seta g_rocketSpeed ""
    //Medicine Man my cvars.
    seta g_sten ""
    seta g_doubleJump ""
    seta g_smgRecoil "" // Pistol recoil on Luger Colt
    seta g_rocket "" //by [LoTW]-crank
    seta g_rocketflytime ""
    seta g_BanBypass ""

  • Advanced Dedicated Server HelpDatum12.12.2017 13:37
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Mod's and Maps

    Advanced Dedicated Server Help

    Remember that you can start a dedicated server from in-game, changing all of the most common values from within the UI, from the Create Server menu and the Advanced Create Server menu.

    You can call a command, "cvarlist" in the console to show all available cvars. You can search for specific cvars by doing, "cvarlist *(query)*" where (query) is anything from "ico", "wolf", "team", etc. This will show a list of all cvars containing the specified query.

    Starting the Server

    To start a server that does not report to the master server, use the following command line convention:

    WolfMP.exe +set dedicated 1

    To start a server that notifies the master server of its presence, use the following command line convention:

    WolfMP.exe +set dedicated 2

    Command Line Options

    Command line options must be set on the command line and will not work if executed in a config file.


    com_hunkmegs - allocates a certain amount of memory for map and item loading. The default of 72 is required for the client but is overkill for a dedicated server, and thus wasting precious server memory. For general use, a com_hunkmegs setting of 32 is sufficient.

    NOTE: user made or future map releases may require a higher setting. If you receive an ERROR: Hunk_Alloc failed then try increasing the com_hunkmegs setting in increments of 2 until the map successfully loads.

    Usage: +set com_hunkmegs
    Sample: WolfMP.exe +set dedicated 1 +set com_hunkmegs 32


    If you are on a multi-homed server and the default IP is not what you want to use for your Return to Castle Wolfenstein server, the net_ip command will need to be used. This must be set on the command line in the following form.

    Usage: +set net_ip
    Sample: WolfMP.exe +set dedicated 1 +set net_ip


    Changing the default server port requires the net_port command be run on the command line. It is useful for running multiple servers on the same computer or making the server somewhat more private. The default port is 27960 and is incremented automatically by 1 if another server is started without a specified port.

    Usage: +set net_port
    Sample: WolfMP.exe +set dedicated 1 +set net_port 27961

    Server Only Settings

    Server settings are only used only on the server and may be used at the console or command line. Command line usage requires a +set before each command. For example:

    +set sv_maxclients 16


    sv_maxclients - sets the maximum amount of clients that can connect to the server. The default setting is 20.
    Usage: sv_maxclients


    sv_privatePassword - sets a password on the server so only clients that know the password can connect to the server. Clients use the password command. The default is for no password required. Set to "" for no password.
    Usage: sv_privatePassword ""


    sv_hostname - sets the server name that will show up in the master server list. The name must be enclosed in quotes if a space is in the name.
    Usage: sv_hostname ""


    sv_maxRate - sets the maximum allowable rate a client may have set when connected to the server. The default is 0, which is no limit. A suggested setting is 8000 or 10000 so server bandwidth is not used up by high speed clients, thus allowing modem players to have a smoother game.
    Usage: sv_maxRate


    sv_pure - controls crc/zip check of client pk3 files to make sure the pk3 file has not been modified for cheating or other purposes. Client pk3 files must match that of the server to connect. The default is set to 1, or on. Set to 0 to turn off check.
    Usage: sv_pure 1

    Server Console Commands

    Server console commands are used from the server console or the remote console.


    status - shows the client number (num), score, ping, player name (name), client IP address (address), and port connected through (qport). Client number is used in conjunction with the kick command.
    Usage: status


    kick - removes a player from the server. Particularly useful for removing disruptive players. To kick a player, first find the number (num) associated with the player name via the status command.
    Usage: kick


    timelimit - Default to the map specific time limit. This can be changed, but is advised against doing so. However, changing it to 0 makes the game have unlimited time, which can produce some interesting results.
    Usage: timelimit


    rconpassword - sets remote console password so clients may change server settings without direct access to the server console. The default is set to none. Client can control the server by entering commands on the console with the format of rconpassword mypass and then adding server commands after the rcon command.
    Usage: rconpassword


    killserver - will stop all server services from running but leaves the Return to Castle Wolfenstein executable running on the server.
    Usage: killserver

    map_restart #

    map_restart # - Defaults to 5 seconds. # defines the amount of time before the map restarts, in seconds.
    Usage: map_restart 5

    Game Commands

    Generally, all game commands must be entered after the level loads either in the config file or on the command line/console. An exception to that rule would be the g_gametype. The following are the most useful game commands for a dedicated server.


    g_warmup - Amount of warmup time allotted to connected clients. Defaults to 20 seconds.
    Usage: g_warmup


    g_friendlyFire - determines if players can damage their own teammates. Set to 1 to allow players to damage their own teammates. Set to 0 so players can not damage their own teammates.
    Usage: g_friendlyFire 1


    g_gametype - controls the type of gameplay (Normal, Stop Watch, Capture Point). The default is 5, which is normal Return to Castle Wolfenstein objective based multiplayer mode. Set to 6 for Stop Watch. Set to 7 for Capture Point.
    Usage: g_gametype


    g_log - sets the name of the server log file. The default is games.log and does not need to be modified unless running multiple dedicated servers on the same computer.
    Usage: g_log


    g_allowvote - enable players connected to the server to call for and vote on changes including: map, map restart, kick, and g_gametype. The default is 1, which is on. Set to 0 to turn off voting.
    Usage: g_allowvote 1


    g_maxlives - Defaults to 0 (Unlimited). Change this to the number of lives you wish all players to have.
    Usage: g_maxlives 0


    g_minGameClients - Defaults to 4. Change this number (usually larger) to reflect how many clients must join a server before it enters restricted mode.
    Usage: g_minGameClients 4


    g_noteamswitching - Defaults to 0, which disables team switching. Change this value to allow team switching or not.
    Usage: g_noteamswitching 0


    g_complaintlimit - Defaults to 5. This is the number of complaints that have to be filed before someone is kicked. We recommend setting this low.
    Usage: g_complaintlimit 5

    Updates and/or Patches
    (Available in English only)
    For updates and/or patches to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, please check:
    If you are uncertain of a game update and/or patch, please E-mail all questions to our internet mailing address at:

  • Wolf ConfigsDatum10.12.2017 13:11
    Thema von medicine man im Forum Configs and Tweaks
  • Welcome all Beach LoversDatum09.12.2017 23:13
    Thema von medicine man im Forum BEACH IP:

    If you insult other players you will be excluded.
    If you were banned on the beach server, you must contact Kenny_England or Grof. Here in this forum there is no possibility to discuss your BAN.
    # We have simple rules.
    - No cheats.
    - Respect other players.
    - The game is a team game.
    - We are not interested in your relegion
    - We are all humans no matter where you come from and who you are.
    - behave the way you would like to be treated.


    The TEST Server is a developer server for making Maps.
    So some player join don't cry if i had noclip or godmode on, I just make maps so iam tired to tell, its a TEST server, and you insult for no reason you got banned.

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