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no reply BEACH IP: This forum is only for Return to Castle Wolfenstein Beach.Were you banned, you got the ass card.There are only player tips and everything that has to do with the beach map.If you insult other players or you are otherwise conspicuous you will be banned.Idiots assholes are not welcome here.We just play RtCW.
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PPSH Model for Thompson goto
von medicine man (29.07.2018 01:17)
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no reply Configs and Tweaks Here you can post your configuration file or help other players.But just about RtCW 1.0 Beach.Any other posts will be deleted. Wolf Configs goto
von medicine man (25.02.2018 18:50)
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no reply Mod's and Maps Here you can get rid of your ideas for the map or the mod. Programming goto
von medicine man (29.12.2017 21:03)
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no reply Admin Talk This Forum is for Admins only. fok goto
von GroF (03.02.2018 22:02)
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no reply Wolf City IP: Wolfenstein City Server Gametype ObjectiveBeta test phase with Omni-BotSupported MapsAssault Baseout Boss2 Chateau Crypt1 Crypt2 Dark Dig End Escape1 Escape2 Factory Forest Norway Rocket Swf Trainyard Village1 Tram Omni-Bot goto
von medicine man (13.05.2018 14:21)
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